Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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    55.64 $CAD

    High quality spark plug for consistent firing in Hyundai engines. It’s well documented the Kia and Hyundai platforms are prone to spark blow out at both stock and higher than stock boost levels. MX45XL spark plug offer a stronger spark and are more reliable than stock. A must have with any other upgrades in order to have HP/TQ gains.

    Fits 1.6, 2.0 and 2.4 Hyundai / Kia engines.

    Price is for one (1) spark plug.

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    Hyundai / Kia turbo JB4 performance tuner

    930.58 $CAD1,147.57 $CAD

    Plug and play tuner that works with the factory ECU to remap boost, timing and fueling for improved performance and up to 100HP and 100 TQ gain on a stock vehicle.

    The JB4 offers a lot more performance, functionality, and safety than your average performance chip.

    Compatible with all Hyundai and Kia turbo engines.

    Tuner and spark plugs bundle includes 4x HKS MX45XL

    You MUST upgrade your spark plug in order for the JB4 to function correctly with the Hyundai. We recommend HKS MX45XL

    We always include the Bluetooth wireless module in our prices, unlike on the Burger Tuning website.

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    69.55 $CAD

    Map sensor spacer with 1 entry to run boost or vaccuum accessories. Perfect for a boost gauge or with a watermeth kit.

    Fits any Hyundai and Kia

    CNC machined from a special plastic that is tough and heat resistant

    Includes :

    • Map sensor spacer
    • Rubber O-Ring
    • 2 mounting bolts
    • 1 nozzles 1/8 barb
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