1JZ 2JZ to CD009 CD00A adapter to use with Toyota bellhousing

1JZ 2JZ to CD009 CD00A adapter to use with Toyota bellhousing

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1jz-gte, 2jz-gte vvti or non vvti to Nissan 350z, Infinity G35 (CD009 also named JK), 370z or G37 (CD00A) transmission adapter plate kit.

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Read all the description carefully.


You’ll need to cut the CD009 Bell housing to bolt this kit to the transmission.


1. This adapter requires a Toyota J1/J2 (SC300 automatic or 1jz VVTi) or J3 (2jz automatic transmission) bell housing from an a430 automatic transmission.


Why? Because this bell housing is much smaller than the factory CD009 bell housing (much easier to fit in the transmission tunnel) and does not require a special custom flywheel $$$!

We can supply the bell housing. We have few in stock. Contact us.

Single disc clutch kit hold around 450 lb/tq while the Twin plate custom clutch can hold up to 1300 lb/tq with included everything needed (flywheel, alignment tool, slave, flywheel crank bolts).


2. A T56 Slave cylinder is required. You can add one to your cart here.


3. All the required bolts, seal and gasket and pilot bearing (bushing) are included.


4. AN4 hydraulic line adapter for the T56 slave cylinder is included. Clutch line is not included.



What is missing:


1. A solution to get the shifter at the right place. We have the Serial Nine CD999 Relocation kit that fit perfectly on a Toyota Supra MKIV. Distance is ajustable 29.5′-33.5′ from engine face*
(5′ to 9’shorter than OEM Nissan distance)


2. A custom drive shaft (we can supply 1350 steel or aluminum driveshaft) OR we can supply the slip yoke and you can build a custom driveshaft by your local driveshaft specialist. We also have the differential 3 bolts to 1350 adapter plate . Contact us!


3. Clutch kit:

Regarding the clutch kit, there are few options. The single clutch disc option is good for around 450-500 lb/tq while twin 6 puck sprung ceramic is around 1300 lb/tq.

  1. If you plan to run over 500whp, we highly recommend using the twin plate clutch kit with the J1 bell housing. This kit comes with everything needed (flywheel, clutch, slave). The only thing missing will be the clutch hose and clutch master (3/4 or bigger) if needed.
  2. Second solution for less than 500whp with the J1 adapter is a W58 2jz flywheel and pressure plate is required. This means, if you’re running a 2jz with an w58 transmission (5 spd) you can reuse the flywheel AND the pressure plate. The only part to change in your clutch kit is the clutch disc. We can supply brand new flywheel and clutch kit.
  3. Third solution for less than 500whp with the J3 bellhousing, a W55 (IS300 manual) flywheel is required. The W55 flywheel is much thicker than the W58 flywheel. Pressure plate can be a W55 or W58. We can supply brand new flywheel and clutch kit.


4. Transmission cross member. We can supply a polyeurethane mount so you can adapt it easily with your cross member.


5. A master cylinder for the clutch MIGHT be required. The T56 slave cylinder is pretty big and requires a lot of oil. Factory slave cylinder might now work well. We can supply a Wildwood 7/8″ master cylinder.


6. Clutch hose that goes from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder. The adapter kit comes with a fitting that is AN4 male.

The adapter is CNC Machined out of billet 6061-T6 Aluminum.

How to measure transmission bearing size and identify transmission:


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 30 cm

Perfect Tuning

Bearing Size

90mm, 95mm, 100mm