Marlin Crawler R154 Heavy Duty Bearing Retainer

Marlin Crawler R154 Heavy Duty Bearing Retainer

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Fits R-Series transmissions (R150, R150F, R151F, R154, etc). Includes a set of four Grade 10.9 Flange Bolts which have a much higher tensile and shear strengths than the stock Toyota cover plate bolts.

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Precision CNC machined from high quality high tensile strength USA-made and zinc-plated solid billet steel, it far surpasses the strength of the factory stamped plate. As the factory plate wears out it fails to properly position the main shaft, resulting in very poor shifting performance and increased thrust wear throughout the entire transmission. Our Heavy Duty cover plate is incredibly rigid and is able to hold the main shaft in place, even with very high horsepower engines.

Important Assembly Note: We have made this plate as thick as possible for maximum strength. As such, on some April/1994 and newer applications, minor grinding to the head of the driver side upper bolt may be required. Check for clearance between our new HD Bolts and your reverse lock-out by ensuring the tailhousing is able to mount flush with the center bearing retainer during assembly.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 12 cm

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