OBD2 Module for the Perfect Tuning Universal Gauge

OBD2 Module for the Perfect Tuning Universal Gauge


The Perfect Tuning OBD2 Module is a new module used to make any OBD2 compliant cars compatible with the Universal Gauge.


*The Universal Gauge is not included in this listing*

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***This item doesn’t include the Universal Gauge***



The module display OBD2 data in real-time on the Universal Gauge.




  • Provide real-time OBD2 data to the Universal Gauge.
  • OBD2 Module settings can be configured by WiFi.
  • No application to download, support any device with internet browser and WiFi capability.
  • Plug and play. No additional wiring needed.
  • Configured to work with most vehicle.
  • Automatic start and shutdown function.


Basic info that can be displayed:

  • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • RPM
  • Coolant
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
  • Intake air temperature (IAT)
  • Spark ignition advance
  • Short fuel trim (1 and 2)
  • Long fuel trim (1 and 2)
  • Air-fuel ratio (AFR) (up to 8 sensors)
  • Vehicle speed (VSS)
  • Mass air flow (MAF)
  • Engine Load (%)
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Fuel pressure

Notes: The Universal Gauge only list the available PID for your car. The OBD2 Module web page “PIDs” can give you a complete list of the available PID.




  • All 2008+ vehicles and those supporting ISO 15765 CAN: 25 to 32 updates per second.
  • Others: 5 to 10 updates per second.

Notes: These results are estimated. We cannot guarantee a certain number of request per second as it can vary from a vehicle to another.


Supported OBD2 protocols:

  • SAE J1850 PWM (used by Ford Motor Company) ***UNTESTED YET***
  • SAE J1850 VPW (used by Genreal Motors)
  • ISO 9141-2 (used by Chrysler, European, and Asian vehicles)
  • ISO 14230 KWP2000
  • ISO 15765 CAN (commonly called “canbus”)
    • 250 kBit/s and 500 kBit/s
    • 11 bits and 29 bits addressing

Note: After the year 2008, all US vehicules are required to support the ISO 15765 protocol.



What’s included in the box:

  • OBD2 Module with 4 ft. of cable (OBD2 connector)
  • 8 pins terminal block

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 10 × 16 cm

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