Trigger Wheel for Nissan L28ET or VG30E 54 mm Optical DIYAutoTune

Trigger Wheel for Nissan L28ET or VG30E 54 mm Optical DIYAutoTune

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54 mm Optical Trigger Wheel for Nissan L28ET or VG30E. Convert your Nissan CAS to a more MegaSquirt-friendly arrangement with our bolt in optical shutter wheel!

This one replaces the ring of four slits with a 24-1-1 wheel that behaves like a 12-1 crank trigger. Then we added an outside slot to provide a cam sync where the 360 degree slot ring works. So you can use just the inner ring to get a rapid sync-up, or use the outer slot to allow for sequential injection or coil-on-plug. This is intended for use on the following Nissan motors, in alphabetical order.

  • L28ET (1982 to 1983; earlier L28s used a variable reluctor sensor)
  • KA24E (please check before ordering; some KA24Es may have used a 50 mm)
  • VG30E
  • VG30ET

It may also fit other Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru applications. Look for a 54 mm outer diameter with a D-shaped hole in the center. Distributor equipped engines can gain extra resolution and more precise timing, while cars with coil on plug can now use MegaSquirt without having to add a crank trigger.

Easy bolt on installation, just take the cover off your CAS or distributor, remove the rotor on a distributor, and undo the big Philips screw in the middle. Once you’ve got that, it just drops in.

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