KBS BlackTop Chassis Coater

KBS BlackTop Chassis Coater


BlackTop is a single stage, moisture-cured, and UV stable coating. BlackTop is a high-performance protective coating specifically formulated to withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure. BlackTop is ideal for topcoating surfaces previously sealed with RustSeal or any other paint/primer application, and BlackTop also excels as a direct to bare metal coating, no primer required.

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BlackTop Overview

BlackTop is a permanent, moisture-cured, 1K, single stage, UV stable coating used for painted or primered surfaces and surfaces previously coated with RustSeal.

BlackTop adheres and bonds to bare metal surfaces – both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

BlackTop is an incredible exterior grade rust preventative coating offering protection from the elements.

BlackTop is a long-lasting protective coating which withstands dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

BlackTop may be used alone as a resilient rust preventative coating and can offer the ultimate rust protection when used in combination with RustSeal.

For the best and longest-lasting rust and ultraviolet protection, first apply RustSeal to permanently seal the surface and then topcoat with BlackTop for an incredibly tough and professional looking finish.

BlackTop is available in Gloss Black, OEM Satin Black, and Flat Black.

BlackTop dries to a rock hard, yet flexible coating that can be readily applied to chassis, coil springs, and light weight panels.

BlackTop offers high heat resistance (300-500F) and can be applied to almost all automotive applications except exhaust systems.

BlackTop is available in a convenient Aerosol Spray Can! Aerosol version features a professional grade acrylic lacquer resin system for superior adhesion, color retention, and durability.

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Tough and Durable Coatings - Cross-Linked Coatings

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BlackTop - Chassis Paint - Frame Paint

BlackTop Features

  • Single component (1K) formula.
  • Single Stage Coating. No need for a separate clear coat.
  • Moisture Cured Urethane resin system which is an advanced coatings technology offering durability, flexibility, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, and chemical resistance.
  • Permanent UV stability: No chalking or fading.
  • Rock hard permanent topcoat.
  • Flexible coating which expands and contracts.
  • High temp resistance: 500F for non-aerosol; 300F for aerosol
  • Apply by brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • Incredible flow and leveling.
  • Available in a convenient Aerosol Can.
  • Aerosol features a professional grade acrylic lacquer resin system for superior adhesion, color retention, and durability.

Gloss Levels: Gloss (85-95%), OEM Satin (55-65%), Flat Black (15-20%)

BlackTop - Trailer Restoration

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BlackTop Applications

automotive & truck chassis – engine compartments – suspension components floor pans & trunks – wheels & rims – wrought iron railings – fire escapes

BlackTop Coverage

Theoretical coverage at 2 mils dry film thickness is 400 sq.ft. per gallon. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration. Expect up to 50% less coverage on bare wood, rough, or sandblasted surfaces.

Aerosol: 38 sq. ft.

8oz: 25 sq. ft.

Pint: 50 sq. ft.

Quart: 100 sq. ft.

Gallon: 400 sq. ft.

5 Gallon: 2000 sq. ft.

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KBS Color

Flat Black, Gloss Black, OEM Satin Black


Aerosol, Pint (16oz), Gallon (128oz)


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