CAN EGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface DIYAutoTune

CAN EGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface DIYAutoTune

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The CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface allows you to monitor up to 8 K-type thermocouples AND up to 8 Innovate wideband devices over an Innovate Log Chain, and can transmit the data to a MegaSquirt-II, MegaSquirt-III, MicroSquirt, MSPNP, or MS3Pro over the CAN bus, so you don’t use up any analog inputs for these. It can also transmit its data to a laptop directly over USB, or send a 0-5 volt signal based on the thermocouple inputs to work with external gauges.

The CANEGT allows Mike Dusold, Holley LS Fest Grand Champion and Optima Ultimate Street Car top-3 contender to receive 8 runner exhaust gas temperature data to his MS3Pro EVO, which runs closed loop fuel and spark corrections per cylinder! This leaves 7 analog inputs for his power management and sub-systems!

Mounting dimensions are approximately 1.5 inch tall, 3.5 inch long (including terminal blocks), 4 inch wide.

The CANEGT interface will work with DIYAutoTune’s Black Stinger or Red Avenger EGT probes, or other K type thermocouples.

Serial connection uses the older, barrel-style Innovate plug. Connecting to the LC-2 line requires a 2.5 mm to Molex patch cable.

CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface Features:

  • 8 inputs for K-type thermocouples
  • Cold junction compensation
  • 0-1250 degrees Celcius input range
  • Measures both exhaust gas and cylinder head temperature
  • 8 analog 0-5 volt outputs
  • CANbus connection for connecting to MegaSquirt
  • RS232 connection that conects to an Innovate LogChain – currently supports up to 8 Innovate wideband O2 sensors
  • USB port for laptop connection
  • Multiple CAN-EGT units can be daisy chained together

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