Gauge Kit Oil press and temp, coolant temp

Gauge Kit Oil press and temp, coolant temp


Automotive 52 mm universal gauge with color LCD and 24 multicolor LEDs.


Kit include:


1x Oil pressure sensor 150 psi


1x Oil temp. sensor


1xCoolant temp. sensor


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Orders will begin shipping in December 2016.


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52 mm Automotive Universal Gauge with a color LCD and 24 multicolor LEDs.


Compatible with any type of vehicle. It’s not necessary to have an aftermarket with it!


    • Include 3 analog inputs to connect sensors like:



    • Air fuel ratio (Wideband afr)


    • Coolant and oil temperature sensor


    • Oil and fuel pressure sensor 150 psi


    • MAP sensor (3 or 4 bar (28-44 psi of boost!)


    • Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) 1250 celcius


    • Flex fuel (coming soon)



    • Include also a CAN bus module to display real-time data from aftermarket ECU (Megasquirt, MS3pro, AEM, ECU Master and more).

      ***Right now, only the Megasquirt 3 and MS3pro are supported. Other will come during next weeks***


Here is a list of the available data to display on the gauge with an aftermarket ECU


    • Tension (volt)


    • RPM


    • Intake temperature (IAT, MAT)


    • Coolant temperature


    • Manifold pressure sensor (MAP)


    • Air fuel ratio (AFR) and target


    • Throttle body position (TPS)


    • Vehicle speed in kph or mph


    • Gear position (1-2-3-4-5-6)


    • Ignition timing


    • Fuel economy(l/100km or MPG)


    • Knock


    • Boost control duty


    • and more!



    • Also include a luminosity sensor to adjust automatically the LEDs brightness!


    • High quality anodized billet aluminum enclosure



    • Anti-glare for a clear vision even with sunshine



    • 2 buttons to navigate through all screens and to change basic configuration settings. Advanced configuration is made with any smartphone, tablet or laptop over Wi-Fi.



    • Compatible with standard 2 1/16′ (52 mm) gauge pods, overall diameter of 3/4′ (69 mm) and less than 3/4′ (20 mm) thick!



    • Completely configurable alarm module with the possibility to create over 16 different alarms!



Video and more details to come!




1 year warranty

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Dimensions 21 × 16 × 10 cm


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