Neon SRT4 Fully Built Head

Neon SRT4 Fully Built Head

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Fully built head for Neon SRT4 includes :
-Cleaned and resurfaced head
-BC Springs
-BC Titanium retainers
-Single groove keepers
-Oil flow modifier
-Brand new REV Intake stainless valves
-Brand new REV exhaust stainless valves
-Valve seats refaced
-Brand new manganese GSC valve guides
-Brand new hi temp valve seals
-Your choice of BC High performance cams (s1-s2-s3 or s4)
-MPx adjustable camgears with ARP bolts
-Labor included to assemble the head
This package does not include labor to remove the head from the engine, it only includes labor to disassemble and reassemble the head which is already removed from the engine and brought into shop.
In this package you need to bring your own head and assuming the head core is still good.
We offer CNC head race porting option with brand new oversized valves +1 Int +2 Exh

Additional information

Weight 0.602 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 30 cm
CNC Head RacePort +1 +2 valves


Fully Built Head

Fully built head


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