Neon SRT4 Fully Built ENGINE (longblock)

Neon SRT4 Fully Built ENGINE (longblock)

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Fully built long block engine (complete engine) for Neon SRT4 includes :
-Resurfaced block
-Cylinders honed/bored
-Line hone/bore
-Balancing of rotating assembly
-Realtuned custom pistons (your choice of compression)
-BC proseries HD steel rods
-Windage tray
-Main bearings clevite
-Rod bearings clevite
-Pickup tube
-Boundary billet oil pump gear
-Timing belt gates racing blue
-Brand new water pump
-MPx billet filter adapter kit
-Idler pulley cloyes
-Billet timing belt tensioner
-Billet tone wheel
-ARP 8740 headstuds
-All brand new engine gaskets
-Block is sandblasted and painted
-Labor for un-assembling and re-assembling the engine (does not cover labor if the engine needs to be pulled out of the car)
-Cleaned and resurfaced head
-BC Springs
-BC Titanium retainers
-Single groove keepers
-Oil flow modifier
-Brand new REV Intake stainless valves
-Brand new REV exhaust stainless valves
-Valve seats refaced
-Brand new manganese GSC valve guides
-Brand new hi temp valve seals
-Your choice of BC High performance cams (s1-s2-s3 or s4)
-MPx adjustable camgears with ARP bolts
-Labor included to assemble the head
This package includes labor to assemble the whole engine, perform cams dial-in, timing belt install, etc. Technically the whole engine is assembled and ready to drop-in when you receive it. We can also install the engine in your car at an extra cost (not included in the package)
We offer CNC head race porting option as an extra, with brand new oversized valves +1 Int +2 Exh
This shortblock can support up to 500whp with an ATI SuperDamper.
If you plan to make over 500whp a strap kit upgrade is also absolutely needed. With strap kit this engine can support up to 700whp.
If you plan to make over 700whp, a 625+ headstud upgrade is needed. With 625+ headstuds and strap kit upgrades altogether this shortblock can support up to 1000whp
In this package you need to bring your own engine & head and we do a full rebuild on it (assuming the cores are good), that means that you have all the needed parts; oil pan, sensors, etc. etc.

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Weight 0.602 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 30 cm


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