OBD2 Module to RX8 OEM cluster

OBD2 Module to RX8 OEM cluster

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This module give you the ability to use the OEM cluster of a Mazda RX8 when an engine swap is done. The swapped engine need to be controlled by the original ECU, it won’t work with a programmable ECU.

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This module convert the data sent by the OEM ECU that run the engine swap (example: LS GM swap) and broadcast the data to the RX8 dash. The OBD2 plug goes in the ECU that control the engine and the CANbus line of the RX8 shell need to be connected to the green terminal block.

***The device has been tested on one RX8 (gen 2002-2008) with a LS swap***

Available data:

    • RPM
    • Coolant
    • Oil pressure (OEM dash doesn’t show pressure, it’s only a ON/OFF switch)
    • Speed (make the progressive electric power steering work)


    • All 2008+ vehicles and those supporting ISO 15765 CAN: 25 to 32 updates per second.
    • Others: 5 to 10 updates per second.

Notes: These results are estimated. We cannot guarantee a certain number of request per second as it can vary from a vehicle to another.

Supported OBD2 protocols:

    • SAE J1850 PWM (used by Ford Motor Company) ***UNTESTED YET***
    • SAE J1850 VPW (used by Genreal Motors)
    • ISO 9141-2 (used by Chrysler, European, and Asian vehicles)
    • ISO 14230 KWP2000
    • ISO 15765 CAN (commonly called ‘CANbus’)
      • 250 kBit/s and 500 kBit/s
      • 11 bits and 29 bits addressing

Note: After the year 2008, all US vehicules are required to support the ISO 15765 protocol.

What’s included in the box:

    • OBD2 Module with 4 ft. of cable (OBD2 connector)
    • 8 pins terminal block

What’s NOT included in the box:

    • OPTIONAL extension cable that plug in the OBD2 port of the RX-8 (plug and play solution) to the green terminal block

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Dimensions 21 × 10 × 16 cm

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