Universal gauge for ECUMaster

Universal gauge for ECUMaster

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The Perfect Tuning Universal Gauge is a new product. The gauge is compatible with ECUMaster:


    • EMU (with CANbus)


    • EMU Black



Here is a list of the available data to display on the gauge coming from ECU:


    • RPM


    • TPS


    • Intake Air temperature


    • MAP (Manifold Air Pressure)


    • Coolant temperature


    • Battery voltage


    • Vehicle speed


    • Ignition timing


    • AFR


    • AFR Correction


    • ECU error code


    • Fuel pressure


    • Oil pressure


    • Oil temp


    • Barometer


    • EGT 1-2


    • Analog inputs 1-2-3-4


    • Knock indicator


    • Gear


    • Ethanol content (flex fuel)



And with EMU Black only:


    • Boost target


    • AFR Target


    • Injector duty cycle.


    • Knock level and


    • Analog inputs 5-6


    • And more!




The gauge can also be connected to up to 3 sensors and display battery voltage too. The billet anodized aluminum enclosure and the real carbon face plate give an incredible look.


The colour OLED display allows to display more information than a standard gauge and the colours are configurable. Actually there are 9 different screens and others will come. Contact us if you have specific needs or ideas!



24 multicolour LED gives a quick way to see what’s happening.



One of the biggest features is the alarm module which is very powerful and flexible. It allows to monitor each input and notify when there is something abnormal. The configuration of the alarms are made over the web page with a Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.



Here is few alarms configuration examples:


    • Abnormal temperature (oil, coolant, EGT and more).


    • Abnormal pressure (oil, boost, radiator and more).


    • Air fuel mixture too lean or rich based on specified conditions.



Module d




There are two buttons on the gauge to change the displayed screen and change basic settings. The advanced configuration is done over a webpage with a Wi-Fi connection to the gauge with any smartphone, tablet or laptop.




The screen brightness and LEDs adjust itself automatically with the luminosity sensor.


You can follow my Facebook Perfect Tuning page to be aware of all the latest features and update or subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page.


More videos on my YouTube channel.


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